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I love women

Just thought I'd get that off of my chest. So right now, I'm avoiding doing my essay for class, by joining a bunch of new Live Journal groups. I thought that this might be a fun one to join...I've been single for three months now, and am just getting used to it, though I'm always ready to try again ;) I haven't had real sleep in the past three days for some odd reason. Umm, some of my info:

Name: Megan
Age: 20 as of September
SN: evilmel4
School: UC Santa Cruz (go banana slugs!)
Interests: reading good literature, music, writing, hiking, excercising, southpark, invader zim, and many others. Just ask.

Sigh, I should get back to my homework...I have to write an essay on the poem "This Tokyo" by Gary Snyder, which is a piece of beat poetry for my LTEL 120J class. I am looking for people to shoot the breeze with, particularly in the Santa Cruz/Bay area, so we could get together sometime for coffee or a movie. Preferably coffee =)
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