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Hi there

Hi, I'm new the community and just wanted to make my presence known. I just moved to this LJ to avoid drama on my original one, so don't let the lack of entries in my page fool you, I have been lurking quite awhile.

So, I wanted to ask a question: Where is a good place for a 19 year old lesbian in the St Louis area to go meet girls? I don't really have any frineds of my persuasion, in fact most of them are Lutheran, and although they love me, it is in spite of my orientation, rather than along with it. I'd like to find people I can hang out with and be myself... and I'd also like to look for a partner. So, some suggestions on where in general you guys hang out in your respective cities and ways to meet people would be really appreciated.

On that note, I will do the horrible deed of spamming and ask anyone in the St Louis - Metro-East area to join my new community, gayinstlouis, if you feel like it. Thanks!

[x-posted a couple of places as I come out of my lurky shell]
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